Three course menu

Three course menu

Project Description


Facing the incomparable Misiones landscape offered by the tea gardens together with the restaurant, built based on the design of one of the first black tea factories in the Americas, you will discover unique smells and flavors.

To begin with, you will be welcomed with a cold tea glass made with loose leaf tea carefully selected and made by hand. The menu is outlined below:

  1. Poached egg with sautéed spinach in otoño green tea. Pairing: Otoño green iced Tea.
  2. Pacú Fish en Papillote on a bed of vegetables accompanied by fries mandioca. Pairing: Viva Misiones iced tea (black tea, green tea, hibiscus and marcela).
  3. A refreshing lime mousse served with a rosemary and tea biscuit. Pairing: Green Calm iced tea (Green tea, jasmine and lemon verbena).

*We have a vegetarian and vegan option.